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This procedure is for all types of school bus field trips (Coach driven, Regular Ed and Special Needs)

1. All Field trip requisitions must be received by the Field Trip Coordinator at least fourteen (14) working days prior to the event.
2.The authorized representative must approve all field trip requisitions.
3. Bus routes are our first priority and field trips second. Trips need to be scheduled Monday thru Friday departing your campus at or after 9:00 a.m. and must return to your campus by 1:30 p.m. (or wait until after 5:30 p.m. for pickup and return to campus).  Non-UIL trips which do not fall within this time period will not be approved due to limited resources.
5. Shuttle trips must be explained in detail on your request.
6. If a car seat or a bus with seatbelts is needed, you must specify this on the form.


The requesting party should confirm by email, an approved field trip with Field Trip Coordinator at least 48 hours prior to the execution of the field trip. If the field trip has a somewhat complex routing or timing schedule, please ensure that the Transportation Department understands all the requirements prior to executing the field trip.

Due to early release the last two (2) weeks of school when dates vary, extra curricular trips can not be scheduled.

1. One sponsor/coach/teacher must be on each bus. They are to assist the driver with managing the students and are required to maintain a safe, clean atmosphere on the bus.
2. Sponsors, coaches or teachers cannot be picked up at or taken to their home.
3. Spouses of sponsors and their children are not allowed to ride on the bus.
4. A trip driver's obligation is to the sponsor and the group. A driver is not to leave the bus unattended unless he/she is with a group, has to get something to eat, or use the restroom. During these times, a driver will leave the keys with another school bus driver, if available. Drivers will fuel their bus prior to the event to avoid delaying the return trip.

FIELD TRIP COST (see mileage charts)

1. Local mileage chart and tables are for estimated mileage only. All trips will be charged for the actual miles traveled.
Trip Mileage Charges:
A. High School Campuses Only: $2.75 per mile.
  • If you need the bus to remain on location there will be a  "Wait time" fee of $15.00 per hour and charged $2.75 per mile
  • These are trips where Transportation drivers are required to remain with their group for the entire time of the trip
B. Coach and or Sponsor Driven Trips: $1.85 per mile
  • All drivers must have current CDL, DOT Physical Card and Certification cards on file with Transportation's  Field Trip Coordinator (FTC) before they will be allowed to drive a field trip
C. All other trips: $2.75 per mile.
  • Drop and return trips will be charged for two(2) round trips from Campus to Campus
  • An additional $15.00 fee will be charged in the event that buses are not cleaned when returned (i.e. swept, windows up, all trash picked up and door closed)
2. For all trips within our district, we are requesting Campus Administrators to schedule trips for  a drop and return whenever possible. This will allow us to use or resources more efficiently
3. Out of State trips may be charged an additional insurance charge, where required
4. All TOLL ROAD FEES are to be paid by the Sponsors
5. Sponsors will be required to sign and validate the Trip Time and Sponsor Approval form at the completion of each trip. Transportation drivers will have these forms with them and must have the sponsors signature. Sponsors will receive a copy for campus records


1. Field trip changes and cancellations must be e-mailed to the Field Trip Coordinator  within 24 hours before the trip to inform the department of any changes or cancellations during business hours, 5:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
2. For major changes, a new requisition is required.  You will be charged if a bus is dispatched due to a cancellation that has not been rescheduled.
3. The charge will be the total miles round trip or actual cost, whichever is greater.


Special Needs buses are also limited due to the type of special equipment needed for student travel. It is extremely important that when requesting a Special Needs bus you clearly state the number of walk-on students, aides, teachers, etc. along with number of students in wheelchairs, and/or any other special adaptive equipment necessary to safely transport students.

1. Sponsors are not allowed to hold buses past their 1:30 p.m. return time to their Campus. There are no cases where this is acceptable. School buses must be back in time to run their routes.
2. Field trip buses must return according to the requisition. Failure to comply with this requirement usually results in late route runs and unnecessary anxiety for bus students, parents, teachers, and principals.
3. Repeated occurrences may result in limiting Field Trip service to your campus.


1. It is the responsibility of the requestor to provide meals and a separate room for the driver and/or monitor at no cost to the driver and/or monitor.
a. Breakfast $10.00
b. Lunch $10.00
c. Dinner $10.00
d. Down time $5.75 a hour (up to 8 hours per day)
e. Overtime rate will apply only if the employee exceeds 40 hours of actual hours worked during a one week period (Sunday through Saturday).

2. The driver and/or monitor may share a room as long as they are the same gender. The only exception would be a husband and wife team. In the interest of safety, the driver and/or monitor must be able to sleep. A driver and/or monitor is not permitted to sleep in the same room as a student or sponsor.
3. No monitor is provided unless there is a wheelchair or a special needs student scheduled to ride. If a monitor is needed for a full passenger bus, it needs to be requested on the requisition.
4. At no time will the driver transport students without adult supervision. The driver's responsibility is to transport students to their destination and back to point of origin.



  • Observe all the bus safety rules
  •  Complete a seating chart for all trips
  •  Review Emergency Evacuation with students prior to departure from campus  
  • See Evacuation Script below
  • Understand that the driver is responsible for safety on board the school bus
  •  Treat the driver with respect
  •  Have the bus back on time
  •  Report driver misconduct



  • Allow standing on the bus while in motion
  •  This includes all personnel on buses, i.e. students, teachers, sponsors, coaches, band directors, etc.
  • Allow students to be transported while out of control
  •  Allow throwing of anything while being transported
  • Store articles in the aisles
  • Allow excessive noise
  • Allow eating or drinking on the bus
  •  If eating or drinking is allowed, the sponsor will make arrangements for bus clean up
  • Keep a bus past its allotted and approved times.
  •  Drivers must return to campus in time to safely and efficiently transport students home from school in the afternoons


Kay Bridenthal
Trip Coordinator
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936-672-1408 Cell

Cathy Gonzales
Trip Coordinator
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936-672-1408 Cell

Conroe/East County Centers

Greta Flynn
Asst. Operations Supervisor
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Anna K. Neely
Asst. Operations Supervisor
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Tawana Salinas
Operations Manager
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Woodlands Center

Veda K. Smith
Asst. Operations Supervisor
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Oak Ridge Center

Frances M. Karcher
Asst. Operations Supervisor
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Woodlands/Oak Ridge Centers

Larry Smith
Operations Manager
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